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                                                       Healthy Eating Plan

Let’s face it, working out is only half of the battle when it comes to losing weight, TapouT XT building muscle and getting fit. The other part depends completely on types of foods you put in your mouth. With New Years on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about what you can do to reach your New Years Resolution goals to become a healthier you.

If you have decided to try out a home workout program and meal plan, there are lots of different options to pick from. Here is a quick look at the TapouT XT meal plan and the P90X meal plan. You’ll be able read about what to expect from each in terms of the overall meal plan and nutrition.

TapouT XT Meal Plan Review

TapouT XT is a 90-day extreme workout program that includes 12 MMA-inspired DVDs that promise you will burn up to 1,200 calories. Along with the workout plans, the program also comes with its own Tapout XT nutrition guide and meal plan. One of the great things about the Tapout XT guide is there are tons of recipes included for easy to prepare, healthy dishes.

The meal plan is paired to go along with the workouts so you will have enough Tapout XT food to eat and not be left starving after the workouts. The nutrition guide includes 48 pages of healthy meal options. The plan focuses on large portions of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and lean meats like poultry and fish. You will be able to eat carbohydrates on this plan, but they will be whole wheat-based rather than processed white flour. Tapout XT review If you want to read more about the Tapout XT food plan, go to Tapout XT Meal Plan Review.

P90X Review

Another popular fitness/meal plan combination program on the market is P90X. Like Tapout XT, this is also a 90-day fitness program that also comes with it’s own meal plan. The diet plan that comes this this program is divided into three phases, so you will be eating different things throughout the 90-day period. During the first month, you are mostly going to be eating protein from lean meats and vegetables. You’re calories will also be cut fairly drastically. By the second phase, you’ll bring back carbohydrates into your meals such as whole-wheat grains and pastas.

By the third month, you are allowed to eat a mix of natural foods. All types of fructose corn syrup, white flour and refined sugars are eliminated from this meal plan.